Philosophy and Goals


The School Social work Program recognizes that the student's individual characteristics and the school environment are of primary importance in school performance. The student's family and community also highly influence the way in which the student participates in school. It is imperative that all these facets be addressed. Recognizing this diversity, School Social Workers provide a variety of services such as:

sssss1. Counseling to students and families.

sssss2. Consultation with school staff.

sssss3. Outreach to communities.

sssss4. Appropriate involvement of other agencies.

sssss5. Coordinating all the above in a holistic (systems) approach to addressing issues affecting the students success sssssssin school.


Prevention of problematic issues is a high priority in the Social Work Program, and a focus of the program is providing education to students and staff in such areas as drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, anger management etc.

The goal of the School Social Work Program is to provide and coordinate a wide variety of counseling, consultation and referral of services to the student, family, school and community. The goal of these services is to facilitate the student receiving the greatest benefit from his/her school experience.



Social Work Department
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