The nature of School Social Work includes a variety of circumstances which require prompt attention or are perceived to be an immediate need. In order to make decisions about allocation of the School Social Worker's time and resources the following priorities are a useful guide:

sssssssssssssss1. Emergency or crisis intervention.

sssssssssssssss2. Consultation with school staff (which may include classroom intervention).

sssssssssssssss3. Individual counseling with students.

sssssssssssssss4. Counseling/consulting with parents or families.

sssssssssssssss5. Staff In-service

sssssssssssssss6. Group counseling

sssssssssssssss7. Parent groups or parent classes

sssssssssssssss8 Referrals to outside agencies

sssssssssssssss9. Coordination with other agencies or departments.

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