Student Record Guidelines

  1. Student records should be placed in a secure and locked file cabinet (preferably fire-rated).

2. Records that must be part of the confidential file are all personally identifiable types of information other than student classroom work products.

3. An access register is required for each file and must be signed out by all persons examining student records who do not meet the following description nor fall under the specifications of Section G1 (A) of the LKSD Policy 9.50.01-R

4. Access to student records is limited to school officials and District employees with a legitimate educational interest in the student. Persons in this capacity need not sign the access record.

5. The Custodian of the records is the Site Administrator.

6. Separate files may be used for a portion f the confidential student file, (i.e. Special Ed., Counseling, Social Work, Vocational Programs) provided that these files are:

sssssA. secure

sssssB. provided with an access register

sssssC. Are subject to the same restrictions regarding confidentiality and access

sssssD. A reference is made in the main file regarding the separate file.

Recommended Case Folder

Case recording in the student's case folder should be relevant to the delivery of service. The records should be kept as factual as possible. The social worker should be able to substantial whatever is written.

These are the items to be included in the student's case folder:

sssss* student information chart

sssss* progress notes

sssss* year end summary

The case folders should be placed in a secure and locked file cabinet (preferably fire-rated).

Access to student case folders is limited to school social workers only.

The folder is subjected to the same restrictions regarding confidentiality and access. Students seen 3 times or more should have a case folder maintained.

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