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Suzi Israelsson and many students learning how to use a digital camera.

Shelley Gill
Travels the Delta
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Date of visit:
The week of April 1st, 2001
No foolin'
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After morning assemblies, Shelley continued her day at ME working with the second grade classes in the afternoon!

Shelley talks to students about the importance of experiencing what you write about. When she travels, she brings with her a bag filled with surprises that show children various clothing and props that she has actually illustrated in her books.

Not pictured here but equally important is the slide show that Shelley shares with students both in large or small group settings depending on the needs of her audience. She does a great job presenting what inspired her to write books, her life story - moving to Alaska, and quite an exciting collection of life experiences since she believes that you must experience what you write about!

Thanks Shelley!

These students in Mrs. Vanasse's 2nd grade class really enjoy listening to Shelley Gill!

Mrs. Lupie's 2nd grade class joins in on the fun!


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