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The Lower Kuskokwim School District Board of Education met in regular session on Friday and Saturday, March 2 & 3, 2001 in Bethel.   Presentfor the meeting were: Carl Andrew, Mary Gregory, Roland Lewis, Robert Nick, Lucy Crow, Carl Motgin, Richard Curtis, Will Updegrove, Nicholai Joekay, and Bob Herron.

 During the meeting the Board: 

¨      Adopted the minutes of the January meeting as presented;

¨      Heard the following reports:


* Day Care Center

* Bilingual Program Recognition

* Plant Facilities Semi Annual

* Quarterly Fiscal

* MOA Report

* Newtok School Update

* Teacher Housing

* Superintendent’s Report

¨      Approved the items listed on the Consent Agenda which included:

Routine personnel actions entered into since the January meeting;

¨      Approved the RFP for Paper Products in the amount not to exceed $38,921.84 & Drygoods in the amount not to exceed $ 204,696.11 with Food Service of America;

¨      Approved the RFP for Teacher Housing for Akula, Atmautluak, Quinhagak, Chefornak, and Nunapitchuk with Impac Co. not to exceed $290,900.00 for all houses;

¨      Approved the Napaskiak Bulk Fuel Upgrade;

¨      Did Not Approved the BRHS Drug & Alcohol Eligibility Policy;

¨      Approved the Leave of Absence/Sabbatical requests;

¨      Approved the Establishment of Position for a Grant Program Leader;

¨      Approved the Scholarship / Stipend Program / ESL and Math Teachers;

¨      Approved the Equipment request for a Rancher TRX 35FM in the amount not to exceed $5,399.00 for Dick R. Kiunya Memorial School in Kongiganak;

¨      Approved the Equipment request for a Polaris Snow machine in the amount not to exceed $5,419.00 for Rocky Mountain High School in Goodnews Bay;

¨      Approved the AASB Annual Membership Dues FY 01 in the amount of $21,528.00;

¨      Took no action on Kuinerrarmiut Elitnautviat Resolution 2000-01 in Quinhagak,  the Board will review a District Wide policy at the next scheduled meeting on this resolution;

¨      Took no action on the Kuinerrarmiut Elitnautviat Resolution 2000-02 in Quinhagak;

¨      Approved the JROTC Out of District Travel;

¨      Approved the recommendation to expel a student;

¨      Approved the Mekoryuk Bilingual letter of support and the in-kind services;

¨      Discussed the following issues:

* OJT Program

* Approved Policy Revisions

2nd Reading – BP 6146.6 High School Graduation Requirements for Handicapped Students

1st Reading – BP 6146.1 High School Graduation Requirements

1st Reading – BP 5121 Grading Systems

1st Reading – BP 5123 Promotion / Acceleration / Retention

* Approved the 1st Reading of the FY03 EED CIP Submittal

* Approved the 1st Reading of the VSW CIP Submittal

* Board Web Page

* Per Diem Rates

* ME Concern