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LKSD Counseling : Colleges/Vocational Training

There are many sections on the Advice page about this topic.

Also, check the Jobs/Explorations page for a more complete listing of vocational opportunities, apprenticeships, internships, and summer programs. Find resources there to increase your knowledge about your interests and yourself.

This page begins by listing AKCIS, then it introduces collegeboard.com. The focus then turns to all the colleges and vocational training schools that are registered in the State of Alaska, the majors in the University of Alaska system, the locations of University of Alaska Community College Campuses, and information about RAHI. Next comes a list of other colleges in Alaska, some vocational training centers in Alaska (see the Jobs/Explorations page for more complete vocational training information and apprenticeships), a short list of colleges outside Alaska that might appeal to Native Alaskans, and a longer list of colleges who have shown interest in certain kinds of students.