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Welcome to the LKSD Online Materials Catalog!

The LKSD Yup'ik Bookstore will be closing on April 27, 2012 and reopening in August 2012. To insure your book order gets filled before August 2012, please send it in by April 25th. Orders received after April 25, 2012 will be filled in August.

This catalog is a compilation of many of the books and educational materials available within the Lower Kuskokwim School District's Curriculum Bilingual Department. This is our first edition of the Online version of the Catalog and more items will be added throughout the year.

These materials are designed to support the following LKSD Curriculum Bilingual Department's goals:

  • Development of Yup'ik language proficiency for cultural, family and academic purposes.
  • Development of English language proficiency for social and academic purposes.
  • Language restoration for Yup'ik students who no longer speak their heritage language.
  • Development of literacy proficiency (K-12).
  • Opportunities for bicultural activities in which Yup'ik culture is celebrated along with non-Native cultural tradition




Curriculum Bilingual Department