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Detail for: Electrical Administrator
Specification Number:  
Reports To:  
Director and Assistant Director of Capital Projects and Plant Facilities.
Journeyman Electricians, Maintenance Mechanics, assistant Maintenance Mechanics, and Laborers as assigned.
Job Goal:  
To maintain the district physical plants and facilities in a safe, efficient, and professional manner so as to enhance the learning environment of the students.
Terms of Employment:  
Full time, Permanent
Board Revised:  
5/20/89, 8/26/11
Bargaining Unit:  
LK-NEA Classified
Plant Facilities
Six Month Rule:  
LK-NEA Classification:  
Salary + Monthly Stipend of $1,100 (subject to regular deductions) for use of a current Electrical Administrators license.
1. High School Diploma or GED.2. Must possess a current State of Alaska Electrical Administrator+s license for inside wiring, inside communications, and residential wiring for assignment to Lower Kuskokwim School District during term of employment as per AS Sec Must possess a current certificate of fitness Journeyman Electrician.4. Certificate desirable by the International Conference of Building Officials or International Association of Electrical Inspectors for Inspector General and Plan Review. 5. Ability to understand plans, design specifications, and engineering terms commonly used in the electrical field.6. Working knowledge of the National Electrical Code, the National Electrical Safety Code, National Fire Protection Act and the State of Alaska local codes.7. Bachelor+s degree in a related field or equivalent experience is required.8. Four years supervisory experience in maintenance operations, with the demonstrated abilities for the successful performance of the installation, repair and modification of the districts electrical systems and components.9. Ability to originate written reports.10. Ability to travel to remote locations.11. Ability to live and work in a cross-cultural, rural Alaskan environment.12. Ability to carry out successfully the duties described below.
1. Review blueprints and specifications for all construction projects where electrical work is involved from minor renovations to new buildings and classroom additions.2. Conducts regular walk-through inspections on new construction projects to insure code compliance and workmanship is being performed in an acceptable manner.3. Conducts substantial and final inspections on all new construction projects and provides written reports to the Project Manager and Assistant Director of Plant Facilities.4. Conducts inspections of all projects as defined by AS Sec 08.40.195 requiring personal inspection and supervision.5. Coordinates the District+s energy management program.6. Develops, implements and directs energy savings programs for the district.7. Is responsible for reporting general building maintenance and equipment malfunctions.8. Performs other related duties as assigned.
At least once yearly as provided in the LK-NEA negotiated agreement