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Detail for: English Language Leader
Specification Number:  
Reports To:  
Site Administrator
Job Goal:  
To coordinate and conduct the English Language Development site selected program. To participate in the selection and/or development of English Language Development materials. To serve as a resource for other teachers on site, regarding ESL methods and
Terms of Employment:  
Certified Position
Board Revised:  
Bargaining Unit:  
Six Month Rule:  
LK-NEA Classification:  
Salary as per Negotiated Agreement
1. High School Diploma or GED.2. Valid Alaska teacher+s certificate required.3. ESL endorsement required upon hire or within 5 years of hire. Minimum of 3 credit hors toward this endorsement must be earned each year.4. Master+s degree in ESL, bilingual, multicultural or cross cultural education preferred.5. Four years successful classroom experience preferred, with two years in LKSD preferred.6. Experience in ESL, sheltered English or ESL in the content area methods, materials development preferred.7. Willingness to live in remote village locations, and when necessary, to present training if needed, at site.8. Ability to live and work in a cross-cultural rural Alaskan setting.9. Willingness to promote the philosophy of heritage first language and cultural retention as well as heritage language renewal, while providing leadership on site for the development of English in the social and academic setting.10. Knowledgeable about thematic instruction and development, cooperative learning strategies, and writing process preferred.11. Ability to carry out successfully the duties described below.
1. To work with the site administrator, staff and the Academic Programs department in the development and implementation of the district and the site+s plan of service.2. Know and understand the site+s English Language Development program. Coordinate as well as help maintain this ELD program, ELD teaching responsibilities will be prescribed by the site+s district approved plan of service.3. Assist regular classroom and content area teachers plan and develop thematic units and instructional materials for content area English Language Development.4. Submit articles/ideas to a district wide ESL idea publication for sharing and networking.5. Serve as a resource to all teachers by sharing with them in English Language Development strategies/techniques.6. Be responsible for ESL assessment, recording and filing responsibilities-the IPT, ELPC, SAP, CELT, and CTBS.7. Meet daily with bilingual/yup+ik staff for planning and collaboration.8. Attend quarterly meetings in Bethel with other ESL teachers.9. Attend the State Bilingual Multicultural Education Conference annually.10. Attend a national conference relating to language/bilingual issues once every three years.
At least once yearly as provided in the LKEA negotiated agreement