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TAI Staff  

Kevin McCalla - Coordinator
Mailing Address:
1004 Ron Edwards Way
Bethel Alaska 99559.
Tel. 907-543-4876

TAI Staff

Ted Simmons - VTC Specialist
Video Conferences, Virtual Classes, Mac Purchasing

Phone Ext. 4883, Email:

Aoody Vangtan - System Analyst/Web
Web Application Developer & Administrator, FileMaker Database, AS400, i-Community

Phone Ext. 3022, Email:

Tom Piakak - System Analyst/Network
Wans, Lans, IP Phones & Faxes, Printers

Phone Ext. 4942, Email:

Brent Beans - System Analyst: Email/networking
Google email, Mac Server, SmartBoard support, Mac Inventory, Mac Spare Parts & Repair

Phone Ext. 4933, Email:

Greg Schiedler - System Analyst/Applications
VMware Management, Software Licensing, Power School Support

Phone Ext. 4946, Email:

Gabe Carmichael - Systems Analyst Email and Networking
Systems Analyst Email and Networking

Phone Ext. 4860, Email: Gabe_Carmichael

Lower Kuskokwim School District