Rev. 5-99

Situational Emergency Plan Templates

Intruder/s on Campus




School Safety _______________

Police _______________

Alaska State Troopers _______________

VPSO _______________

VPO _______________




1. Ask the person his/her name and address and the purpose of

his/her presence on campus.


2. If the person is found to have no legitimate reason to be on


He/she should be informed of the statues and Governing Board

Policy (See Attachments). Inform the person of your authority and

firmly direct the person to leave the school campus.


3. If the person refuses to leave, the local law enforcement

authorities should be called immediately.


4. If the person is still present when law enforcement officer arrives;

request that an arrest be made.


5. File complaint with appropriate authorities.


Preventative Measures:

  • Post decals at all building entrances asking visitors to check in at main office.
  • Properly marked maps or directory posted throughout school informing visitors of main office location.
  • Identification of school personnel by name tags or photo ID badge.


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