Jon LaValle is LKSD's Teacher of the Year 2019

2019 Teacher of the Year
Posted on 09/09/2019
Jon LaValle

Jon LaValle

Junior High Math teacher at BRHS

This school year the LKSD Teacher of the Year Award honors a person who by definition is a “Warm Demander”. 

When we examine Zarretta Hammond’s definition of a warm demander, this teacher exemplifies those characteristics of:

Explicit focus on building rapport and trust…..this teacher goes out of the their way to foster that relationship with the student, but also with the family.  

Shows personal regard for students by inquiring about important people and events in their lives….this teacher has organized community efforts to get students and their families basic living supplies/services or has pulled students in for one-to-one chats about a travesty or positives with the family to let the student know they are here if the student needs help or to advocate moving the positive needle forward…..

Holds high academic standards and offers emotional support when students struggle academically….this teacher will push students academically out of their comfort zones, provides formative feedback to individual students to create a sense of its okay to not know in the classroom, but work individually with students to develop skills to not to give up. 

Through relationship building, has earned the right with the student to demand engagement and effort…this teacher has established engagement and effort through expectation building that has resulted in years with no referrals from the classroom, but also at the same time, universal assessment classroom average growth rates at 170%. Yes, I have even seen classrooms of students leaning in during instruction…..

Encourages productive struggle…students are taught the processes of building a growth mindset in the classroom. The growth mindset expectation in the classroom has led to a process of students can learn anything in the classroom and learning is limitless. 

At the same time, this teacher shows a high level of humility when they are trying to figure out failing assessment data or trying to understand a student through collaboration with staff and school administration. 

Please join me in congratulating, Mr. Jon LaValle, junior high math teacher at Bethel Regional High School.


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