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The resources below are links to relevant articles and online resources outside of LKSD. If you are looking for Parent Resources within LKSD, please see the Parent Portal.


Taking care of ourselves physically and mentally is very important during this rise of COVID-19 cases in our region. The following resources provide helpful information as we navigate through this experience. Our LKSD school social workers are available to help you with any questions or concerns.

State/Local Updates:

State of Alaska Health Mandates
   YKHC Updates
   Alaska's Department of Education Updates

About Covid 19:

Brain Pop: Educational video for understanding Coronavirus
  Google's COVID-19 website

Managing Stress & Anxiety:

Managing Stress and Anxiety (from the CDC)
    A counselor's tips for managing COVID-19 anxiety
  Virtual Calming Room (identify strategies for managing emotions)

Parent & Educator Resources:

Child Mind Institute
   Preparing your family
  National PTA resources for parents and educators
   For schools and educators







Difficult Conversations:

Talking to children (APA)
   Skills/Advice for Hard-to-have conversations

Personal Safety:

Safe without Scared
  Prevention Tools


Netsmartz Resources
    Internet safety education for teens

Safe Adults:

Safely Every After: Non-fearful safety education for parents   and kids

  Safe Adults (video)


Tip Sheet for talking to children and teens about protecting themselves
  Grooming behaviors
  What parents need to know about sexual grooming

Sexual Abuse Prevention:

End Sexual Exploitation: Talk Today, Safer Tomorrow
  Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Resources
  10 Ways to Teach your Child the Skills to Prevent Sexual Abuse

Healthy Child Sexual Development:


 Overview of Healthy Child Sexual Development

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