Fall 2020: Restart Framework for Schools

Fall 2020: Restart and Reentry Framework
Posted on 05/26/2020
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UPDATE June 26, 2002: Please see LKSD's SMART START plan for Fall 2020 here. 

Alaska Smart Start 2020: Restart and Reentry Framework for K-12 Schools
Dear LKSD Families:
The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) and the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development (DEED) have collaborated to provide the Alaska Smart Start 2020 framework, shown below.  The Department of Health and Social Services is responsible for defining and establishing the parameters for how schools will safely operate, once opened, in low, medium, and high risk environments. Once those parameters are set by DHSS, LKSD administration will finalize district plans that outline how LKSD will deliver education under each of the three environments, focusing specifically on conditions for learning, continuity of learning, and capacities for learning. LKSD will provide updates for all stakeholders via the district's website and Facebook page as plans for LKSD's restart/reentry are finalized. We look forward to having staff and students back on campus in August. 

Printable PDF of the Smart Start Framework: Alaska’s ‘Smart Start 2020’ for K-12 Schools Framework Guidance.pdf

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