Growing up in LKSD

Growing up in LKSD
Posted on 05/21/2021
LKSD LiveLKSD Live recently interviewed two LKSD graduates on their experiences as LKSD students. Patrick Williams spoke with graduating seniors, Jamin Crow and Kaylee King about their years in LKSD schools.

Both graduates emphasized the role teachers have played in their lives and shared how they found areas of interest that have set a path for their future. 

Both Jamin and Kaylee expressed gratitude for their 6th grade year in Ms. Lestenkoff's class at Gladys Jung Elementary and the tight bond they experienced as a class that year. Kaylee also grew in her appreciation of her culture especially through dance and drumming, and has brought that knowledge back to Mekoryuk where she has shared it with the younger students.

Jamin CrowJamin spoke of the influence of Mr. Sullivan who introduced him to his love of reading at GJE, and Mr. Jung and Mr. Tolliver who helped him discover his love of history at BRHS. Participating in sports and traveling to other communities sharpened his social skills and emphasized the importance of relationships and making connections with others. Jamin is headed to UAF this Fall to pursue a degree in business management. 

Kaylee KingKaylee also experienced the life-altering experience of teachers who went above and beyond, including Mekoryuk's Mr. Thurston who engaged with his students in the classroom and became very involved in the community as well. As a future journalism and communications major at UAA, Kaylee especially valued Mr. Thurston's community-building focus, and his encouragement to be more open. With the help of Mr. Thurston and Mekoryuk's principal, Kaylee was accepted to the Ready Academies in Bethel and became involved in the media; she describes this experience as a time of growth. 

NPR Podcast challengeBoth Kaylee and Jamin interned at KYUK in Bethel. They have also recently been named as top finalists, along with Ethan Lincoln of Tooksook Bay, in an NPR Student Podcast Challenge, placing in the top 15 out of 2600 nation-wide entries. Their submission "Y-K Delta" speaks about subsistence activities and the pandemic. 

The LKSD Live interview is available on our LKSD Facebook page. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, Jamin and Kaylee, and thank you, Patrick Williams, for moderating the LKSD Live this year! 
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