Bard Member Profile: John O. Mark

Bard Member Profile: John O. Mark
Posted on 02/07/2017
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For School Board Recognition Month, LKSD will feature a profile on each of our Regional Board Members.

One of our newest members, John O. Mark, is really not so new to LKSD and the Board. He previously served on the Board from 2004-2007. He also has been a teacher and Site Administrator at LKSD, before becoming a Board Member.

Mr. Mark, from Quinhagak, holds Seat I on the 9 seat board. This seat serves the villages of Eek, Goodnews Bay, Kongiganak, Platinum, and Quinhagak.

In his own words, “My favorite part of being on the school board is having an opportunity to contribute for the benefit of the School District so that our students may be given the best education possible. I was motivated to be on the LKSD School Board by my sheer desire to advocate for our children and the staff that they rely on to learn.

“I am a firm believer of not having students fall through the cracks that prevent them from graduating at the end of their formal K-12 schooling. The school and the parents of all students need to work together to make sure the graduation rate is as high as possible annually. Having a High School Diploma is key to opening ones many opportunities to become self sufficient, more opportunity for higher education, and thus a better opportunity for higher paying jobs and to become a productive member of a community.

One thing not too many people know about John O. Mark is that he owns and plays an instrument called the trumpet. He said, “I do not play it publicly, only at my house during quiet times.”

Thank you John O. Mark for your continues service to the students, staff and communities of LKSD. We appreciate you very much!

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