Board Member Profile: Will Updegrove

Board Member Profile: Will Updegrove
Posted on 02/15/2017
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For School Board Appreciation Month, LKSD will feature a profile on each of our Regional Board Members.

Will Updegrove holds the record for longevity on the current Board. He has served on Seat G, representing Bethel, for 23 years. He was first elected in October 1994. When he began serving on the Board, he was employed as pastor at the Moravian Church, and then he began working at the ABE Center at KuC. He has since retired from the college, although he contracts to teach classes at the YK Correctional Center.

He says his favorite part of being on the School Board is the interaction with LKSD’s outstanding leadership team, along with fellow Board Members. He was originally motivated to run for the Board because he wanted to help contribute to positive and effective leadership for our school district. He saw areas in the conduct of the Board and leadership of the administration that he felt he could help strengthen and improve.

An educational issue close to his heart is Yup’ik language education K-12 and development of truly functional life-based and academic vocabularies for students in both Yup’ik and English.

logoMr. Updegrove is multilingual. He stated, “Although I have limited linguistic skills, I have studied three ancient languages (Latin, Hebrew and Greek) and two modern languages (German and Chinese) but am ashamed to say I have never made it past KuC’s Conversational Yup’ik class, sometimes also known as “Spoken Yup’ik for Dumb Kass’aqs.”

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