Flexibility Updates by LKSD Board

Flexibility Updates by LKSD Board
Posted on 04/06/2020

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6146.1 Flexibility per the LKSD Board of Education (4/2/20)

For seniors, spring semester 2020 only:

• No flexibility on LKSD required credits for graduation – 22 credits as detailed in 6146.1 are required
• Attend high school no less than 7 semesters (instead of 8)
• Ability to drop classes not required for graduation with no effect on a student’s GPA or transcript

o        Before dropping seniors from classes, you must verify with the site counselor that the student does not need the class to graduate. Two sets of eyes on a student record are better than one.
o        The decision to drop a senior from a class they do not need for graduation must include a conversation with the student and the parent. This is neither the site administrator’s nor the site counselor's decision alone. Evidence of the conversation with the parent and student must be logged in PowerSchool.

For all high school credit-bearing classes, spring semester 2020 only:

• All credit-bearing classes will be pass/fail unless notified by the student by April 15th that a letter grade is preferred. A passing score is 70% or higher.
• “Pass” is marked as “P” on the report card and transcript. The student earns credit for the course and the grade is not included in the student’s GPA calculation. “Fail” (“F”) receives no credit and is not calculated in the student’s GPA.
• Please ensure that students understand that a grade of "pass" will not be calculated in their GPA. This is a factor that needs to be weighed by students and parents when determining whether to take a pass/fail or to request a letter grade in a given course.
• *All IEPs must be followed. Please be mindful of IEP language stating that a 60% qualifies as passing.

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