LKSD now offers a Seal of Biliteracy

LKSD now offers a Seal of Biliteracy for students proficient in two or more languages
Posted on 12/18/2017
Seal of Biliteracy

LKSD now offers any junior or senior who can speak and write Yugtun an opportunity to earn a Seal of Biliteracy! The seal encourages our students to pursue biliteracy by high school graduation, honors the skills our students attain and can be evidence of skills that are attractive to future employers and college admissions offices. It takes the form of a seal that appears on the diploma of the graduating senior and is also documented on their transcript. Students will also be awarded a medallion to recognize their biliteracy. 

“Man’a pingnaqsarauguq Yuut qaneryarait. Naaqeqainarpeknaku taugaam taringluku qanruteksugngaluku. Tangerrnaurciiquq.”

One must work toward speaking the Yugtun language. Not only to read it but to understand it and speak it well. We will then see it flourish.

-Qungut’aq George Amik (personal communication, 2017)

More information can be found at

Seal of Biliteracy Application
Seal Application

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