Multimedia contest produces creative results.

Multimedia Contest Produces Creative Results
Posted on 03/30/2016
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Featured Image: Yeako Berlin’s photo, “Serenity” won an award in the 2016 LKSD Multimedia Contest. Yeako is a student at Akiuk School in Kasigluk.
The District has sponsored a Multimedia Contest for many years and once again, the judges were not disappointed this year. High school and junior high students submitted entries in three categories – photos, movies and tunes.

The results are in for the winners! Please visit our contest website to view these students’ creative work.
LKSD Multimedia Contest Results

High School Photo Sets:
1st Place: Golga Oscar from Akiuk
2nd Place: Yeako Berlin from Akiuk

High School Photos (individual):
1st Place: Isabel David from Mekoryuk
2nd Place: Della Petluska from Eek
3rd Place: Molly Shavings from Mekoryuk

High School Tunes:
1st Place: Trevor Mesak from Oscarville
2nd Place: Nathan Joekay from Oscarville

High School Movies:
1st Place: Cyrus Kinegak from Chefornak
2nd Place: Traci Cleveland and Adolph Henry Jr. from Eek
3rd Place: Nikka Brink from Nunap Junior High Movies:
1st Place: Kieran Bentley from Napaskiak
2nd Place: Nathan Small and John James from Platinum
ASTE iDidaContest Results
Yearly, we also enter our district’s top multimedia pieces to the state-wide iDidaContest sponsored by Alaska Society for Technology in Schools (ASTE). Congratulations to the LKSD students who received recognition in the iDidaContest! You can view their work on the iDidaContest website:

We’d like to give special recognition to the four LKSD students whose documentary received 1st place AND the People’s Choice Award in the Documentary Category. Well done, Desiree Maxie, Charity Maxie, Katrina Kanrilak, and Moses Wiseman!


1st Place in High School Documentary & People’s Choice Award:
“Nature can Heal” by Desiree Maxie, Charity Maxie, Katrina Kanrilak, and Moses Wiseman

4th Place in High School Documentary
“Qaungqellerka Piciryaram: Responsibility of Culture” by John Peter, Brea Paul, Cameron Carter, and Crystal Linoln

8th Pace in High School Tune Category
“Past to the Future” by Trevor Mesak, Oscarville

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