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The mission of the Lower Kuskokwim School District is to ensure bilingual, culturally appropriate and effective education for all students, thereby providing them with the opportunity to be responsible, productive citizens.

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       SMART START 2020


District Headlines and Announcements

Using the state parameters for different risk levels, LKSD has developed a SMART START plan for returning to school this Fall. The start date for students has been moved to August 24th; click for more details.
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Fall 2020: Restart and Reentry Framework
UPDATE: Please see LKSD's SMART START plan on the menu bar, or link above. LKSD Administrators are collaborating with state departments to plan for education this Fall. Click for more information.
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School closed
School Closure Extended
The State of Alaska has extended the closure of schools through the end of the school year. Click for more information and a letter from LKSD Administrators.
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Upcoming Events (On-campus student events cancelled)


Teacher of the Year Jon LaValle

Jon LaValle teacher of the yearThe Lower Kuskokwim School District is pleased to announce that John LaValle has been selected as this year’s recipient for LKSD Teacher of the Year. 

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