Board Member Profile: Susan Murphy

Board Member Profile: Susan Murphy
Posted on 02/22/2017
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For School Board Recognition Month, LKSD will feature a profile on each of our Regional Board Members.

Board President Susan Murphy holds Seat E on the Board, which represents Bethel. She has held close ties with LKSD since 1979, when she was employed as the Public Information Officer for the District. That job evolved to becoming the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, which she retired from in June of 1999.

Mrs. Murphy has served as board president since 2011. Her favorite part about serving on the Board is just being with the board members. She stated, “I think our board is one of the best I have ever worked with and I enjoy working with the other board members. We thoroughly discuss all the decisions we make, everyone gets a chance to speak their mind and we listen to each other. We are not afraid to disagree with Administration or each other when we think they are wrong. I think what I enjoy most of all is that we like and respect each other and are genuinely glad to see each other.”

On what motivated her to run for the Board, she says, “I had been spending a lot of time with my mother before she died and after she passed, I was looking for something to do that would interest me and keep me busy. The school board seat was up so I ran. That was twelve years ago. My term will be up next October and I will not be running again. It is time for younger people to take over.

Preschool education is an educational issue that is close to her heart. Mrs. Murphy stated, “I feel that every child deserves a high quality preschool education during which he/she learns basics and social skills, and to love learning. The other two programs we have that are very dear to me are the Kuskokwim Learning Academy and the Immersion School.

logoAn interesting fact about Susan is that she does not know how to drive a car, but can drive a snow machine and a boat. She loves to grow flowers in the summer and she spends hours working with them.

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