Enrollment and Beginning of the School Year Forms

Enrollment forms: 
Please submit the forms with the required documentation to Minnie Joekay 
by fax (907) 543-4917; or by email minnie_joekay@lksd.org

Pushed Pin.png- Bethel School Enrollment form First Half
Pushed Pin.png- Bethel School Enrollment form Second Half

Pushed Pin.png- Village Schools Enrollment form

Beginning of the year forms: 
The following forms need to be filled by parents or legal guardians of the student.
Quick reminder, all the changes need to be updated before OCTOBER.

Demographic Information:

Pushed Pin.png- Foster Care and Active Duty

Income Survey & Family Rep.:
Please remember to update the student information in PowerSchool after you receive all the forms.

- Income information (lunch page in PS)
- Family Rep (Modify info page in PS)
Pushed Pin.png- Title 1 & Family Rep

Pushed Pin.png- Emergency Contact Information form

Other Forms: 

Pushed Pin.png- Transfer Student Record Request
Pushed Pin.png- Individual Online Course Request
Pushed Pin.png- Parent Language Questionnaire

Parent Resources

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