Secondary Education

Department Overview:

The Secondary Education department, also known as College and Career Ready,  includes the following:
  • Secondary education curriculum
  • Registrar & student information/data
  • Ready Academies
  • Career pathway development
  • Career exploration programs
  • Distance Delivery Education


Erin Schalk: Director, Secondary Education


Education Specialists:
Patrick Williams: Media Comm./Ready Programs
Jennifer BacusHealth/Ready Programs
Robert HadleyEducation/Ready Programs
Kim AbolafiaMath Distance Delivery
Julie McWilliamsArts Integr. Distance Delivery
Crystal CeleyaSocial Studies Distance Delivery
Andrea PokrzywinskiScience Distance Delivery
Paul Conti English Distance Delivery
Sheila WallaceSec. 
Yupik Distance Delivery
Colin Stewart: CTE Lead
Brian Rendall: Skilled Trades
Lee Sundby: Online Ed. Coord.

Itinerant Career Counselors:

Marthe Born, Lead Counselor
Erin Bernard
Sabra Hoffman
Crystal Johnson
Gilbert Campbell

School Career Counselors:
BRHS: Priscilla Dobson, Allison Foust
Toksook Bay: Chuck McNeilly

Joel Thomas: Boarding Program Administrator
James Reames: Dean, KLA / Ready Programs
Alex Bernard: Gear Up Grant Coordinator

Public Information:


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