Reflections and Gratitude

Reflections and Gratitude
Posted on 03/01/2022
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February 25, 2022


I am proud of the teaching and learning taking place across the district every day, despite ongoing COVID-based challenges. If anything, the pandemic continues to motivate us to find new ways to collaborate, support one another, find empathy for our neighbors, and more greatly appreciate the gatherings and progress we continue to make together. 


It’s easy to focus only on what obstacles we’ve faced amid this most recent wave of the virus. However, I invite you to see this time as I do: a time where our district has come together to find solutions for our students and provide the best educational experience for them possible, every single day.  


As COVID readjusted schedules and school protocols, staff and community members volunteered so that learning and our favorite activities could continue. Not only were we able to continue with professional development for teachers and principals, both in-person and remotely, we hosted the Governor, sent staff to Dual Language training and sent a group of middle school students to the ANSEP academy in Anchorage for math and science learning. 


Students came to Bethel for Media Camp to cover the K-300 race. In Napakiak, students learned badminton with a traveling nonprofit group. Teams qualified for the Alaska First LEGO League state tournament, and State Speech tournaments. We held Ping Pong Club, GearUp Coding Club, Upward Bound, Yuraq Clubs, and basketball games across the district. We celebrated Valentine’s Day, Black History Month and carried on with student projects in new and innovative ways.


Thank you to the educators in our schools who have gone above and beyond to ensure our students’ learning and growth. Thank you to the parents who have been flexible as we adjust our policies to the ongoing situation. Thank you to the students who have shown resilience and determination toward their education. I’m proud of each of our communities and I know that if we can persevere through these difficult times, we can do even greater things together as the pandemic runs its course. 


I want to close with one story that shows such perseverance. After 20 years without a basketball team, the newly reformed Nuniwarmiut Herders from Mekoryuk will be traveling to Bethel to compete in the District Basketball tournament this week. The staff and community of Mekoryuk are very proud of our student-athletes and coach for doing the hard work of getting a program going again. 


Great job, everyone, and I can’t wait to see the ways in which our collaboration and partnerships will continue to benefit each student at LKSD through the rest of the school year.




Kimberly Hankins


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